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Surveying & Mapping

Unmanned aerial surveying and mapping solutions Reduce field time and survey costs, Provide accurate and comprehensive data, improve worker safety, and complete projects in otherwise inaccessible areas.

Unmanned Aircraft Systems are rapidly replacing conventional helicopters and fixed-wing aircraft for complex topographic surveys and advanced mapping missions. These highly effective tools Fly at a much lower altitude makes the generation of highly accurate, high-resolution data, faster, less expensive, and more efficient than traditional means.

Powerful sensors, such as RGB or multispectral cameras, Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR), Methane Gas and RF Detectors combine with advanced post-processing technologies to increase the number of services and deliverables including:

  • Orthomosaic maps
  • 3D point cloud
  • Digital surface models (DSM)
  • Digital terrain model (DTM)
  • 3D textured mesh
  • Contour lines


  • Land surveying/cartography
  • Land management and development
  • Precise distance and volumetric measurements
  • Urban planning