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UAVs can be used to quickly asses damages for insurance claims. For properties, this is achieved by quickly capturing images of the whole property while staying at a safe distance from any potential dangers.

Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI) imagery is being used to help farmers identify the extent of damage to their crops. In the image below, you can see a wheat crop (bottom green) bordering a soybean crop. Spray drifting from the wheat has affected the growth of the soybeans, however, quite difficult to see on the ground. The NDVI image shows a clearly defined edge to the extent of the spray’s effect on the soybeans.

From this image, ground-truthing can be using to determine the difference in yield from the yellow and the orange colours. From that, we can calculate a percentage loss associated with the spray damage.

M3 provides assessment services to cover any type of claim, to any type of asset.


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