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Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) have been used for photography for almost a decade and photography was just the beginning. Certainly, these areal cameras provide panoramic views of properties, stunning close up feature shots, or destination showcases from unique vantage points, but they also make it possible to follow fast action much closer than any photographer. In some cases, drones can even become the entertainment itself.

Drone cameras are about visual result. They are a resource capable of immortalizing events, interacting with speakers, or performing a seemingly endless range of tasks, from any angle, height or position. A limitless rage of perspectives.

  • PHOTOS & VIDEOS: Spectacular aerial photos of your events and stunning footage to make viewers feel immersed in the event.
  • LIVE STREAMING: Deliver your viewers a live experience to make them feel like they’re actually part of the event.
  • EVENT PLANNING: Collect data and imaging to create site surveys and geological maps for optimal planning.
  • LOGISTICAL SUPPORT: Make sure you have the right personnel where you need them by monitor parking lots and gates to your event.
  • SURVEILLANCE AND SECURITY: Quickly identify anything problems or special needs to keep your attendees safe.

LENGTH: From single flights to long-term agreements