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Drones provide safe, efficient applications across the energy industry increasing reliability while drastically reducing inspection time, costs and human hazards.

Inspections across virtually every energy sector including solar, wind, oil and gas, consume large amounts of time and money. Drone technologies help companies better manage their assets by collecting accurate information, faster, and in areas previously seemingly impossible to reach. As infrastructure operators become more educated on the safety, speed, and power of this technology, drones are being employed to prevent, identify, or monitor problems, create orthomosaics, collect elevation data, or create 3D maps.

  • Solar
    • Inspections
    • Damage identification and monitoring
    • Thermal imagery measuring solar panel productivity
  • Oil and Gas
    • Inspecting power plants
    • Surveying pipelines
  • Wind turbine
    • Inspections
    • Site identification and planning
    • Damage identification and monitoring

LENGTH: From single flights to long-term agreements