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The use of Drones in cinematography, allows filmmakers to carry us to unique vantage points to provide audiences with an overlaid perspective. High-end visual effects help convey the emotional message of their story by removing the audience from themselves and providing a voyeuristic view of the world.

These remotely piloted aircraft systems provide a cost-effective means of delivering technically difficult shots to achieve a director’s vision through smooth and stable camera movement using virtually any camera or lens. When off the shelf solutions are not enough, our team will design and build a custom air mobility cinematic solution to carry the heavier payloads for multiple cameras and large lens packages.

Feature effects:

  • Tracking Shot is achieved by matching the speed and maintaining focus while following or tracking the subject.
  • Reveal Shot provides an intro, outro or wow effect by starting out of view and then moving into view
  • Pedestal Shot provides creative freedom as the drone flys up or down without moving the camera.
  • Aerial Pan Shot provides stunning visual effects through gimbal-mounted, moving or hovering camera drones.
  • Fly Over Shot provides a geographical perspective illustrating the scale of an object or landscape with the camera focused on one subject while the drone passes overhead.

LENGTH: From single flights to long-term agreements