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Since 2015, M3 is a leading Canadian provider of Precision Agricultural drone services. In 2018, our President, Matthew Johnson, was named as one of the Top 7 Drone Visionaries in Precision Agriculture, an award defining M3’s commitment to supporting agriculture.

Farmers everywhere are learning the benefits UAVs can provide from increasing efficiency and profitability, to decreasing waste and environmental impacts. M3 Drone Services specializes in agricultural imaging and Normalized Difference Vegetation Indexing.

With a varied fleet of modern drones equipped with the latest high resolution multispectral or hyperspectral cameras and sensors to provide the data you need, M3’s agricultural services inform your decision process to bring you the highest returns through the most effective crop management decisions throughout the season.


  • Assess soil, pre-harvest yield prediction, Irrigation.
  • Plan drainage for the next season.
  • Evaluate plant emergence by counting crops.
  • Spray & Protect with more speed, less water, and reduced pesticide.
  • Monitor throughout the growth cycle.

LENGTH: From single flights to multi-year analysis