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National Drone Service Provider

Surveying & Mapping

Precision data collection, processing and analytics for your industry.


Fast, thorough, cost-effective, and safe means to collect visual data on the condition of assets and infrastructure.

Photo & Cinema

Capture dramatic aerial footage and crystal clear images from angles well beyond normally reach.

Surveillance & Reconnaissance

Targeted, inexpensive and effective for rapid first responders deployment.

M3 for Your Industry

Our services adapt to your needs
Actionable insights for sustainable production, higher yields & lower production costs.
Airborne camera platforms. Accessible, high definition aerial filming for cinematic excellence.
Indoor conferences to outdoor festivals, drones are providing new perspectives, security, and more.
Safe, efficient inspections for applications in the energy industry reducing time, cost and risk.
Providing reliable, accurate and detailed visuals and data. Reducing risk, time, and cost.
Powerful inspection tool for towers, bridges, air transport infrastructure, railways, roadways, and more.
Complete lifecycle. Data acquisition for risk and damage assessment, and preventive maintenance.
Real Estate
Differentiating property listings through spectacular, high-quality photography and video.

About us

With offices and pilots across Canada, M3 is setting the Gold Standard as an industry leader for commercial drone services. Our nation-wide network operates with a common mission. To expand the application of UAV/Drone, green technologies, into every corner of Canadian business and to do so with unsurpassed safety and professionalism.  Discipline, innovation, human and technological excellence form the body of our service.


Leading sensor technologies, the latest camera’s and a modern and diversified fleet of UAV’s are the backbone.


With thousands of flight hours executing basic to complex missions, our pilots, and support staff are the lifeblood.
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